Roofing Contractor’s Insurance Checks

There are three types of insurance that a reputable contractor will have – Workers’ Compensation, liability insurance, and bonding.

It is your responsibility to ensure that workers on your property are covered by Workers’ Compensation. If an uninsured worker is injured while working on your property, you may be liable and face a very costly settlement. An up-to-date WSIB clearance letter should be provided by the contractor. If it isn’t, it is your responsibility to obtain WSIB coverage yourself.

Liability insurance is also a must for your protection. Without liability insurance, you will be responsible for damages to your property, your neighbour’s property and even City of Ottawa property.

Just as with licenses, there are two forms of roofing contractor insurance required. The first is Workers’ Compensation. All employees must be covered by workers’ compensation to protect both you and the contractor from lawsuits in case of injury.

Bonding is a requirement for prepaid contractors but it should be best practice for all contractors. A surety bond protects you from losing deposits and guarantees all the contractor’s obligations to you will be performed.