How Long has the Contractor been in Business?

Most roofing contractors don’t make it to their 5th anniversary. If you have any installation or material defects, are you going to be able to call them back and fix whatever problems are necessary?

Does the Roofing Company operate in the winter?

If not, and you hire a roofing contractor who disappears in the winter, or lays off their workers in the winter and you have a leak on a newly warranted roof, who are you going to call? If you call McKay’s, who operate 12 months of the year, yes we will be available to fix your leak, however, you will have to pay us to repair your leak which should have been covered under your original warranty with the roofer who installed your roof. As well, calling another roofer will void your existing warranty. Avoid those potential headaches and unnecessary costs and call McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing. We are open 12 months of the year. Yes even in the winter!

McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing has been operating out of our shop and offices in Lanark, Ontario for 45 years.

Does the contractor carry liability insurance?

If not, YOU could find yourself responsible if:

  • Falling or blowing shingles or debris injure someone or damage property.
  • A ladder or other equipment injures someone, or damages property.
  • Interior damage occurs during removal and replacement due to inadequate storm preparation.
  • Interior damage occurs due to a leaky finished product.

McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing carries 5 Million in liability insurance.

Does the contractor carry worker’s compensation insurance on their employees?

Who would be liable if workers are injured on your property? If the contractor doesn’t carry workers compensation … YOU are liable. Is one of your most valuable assets your home worth that gamble?

McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing is current with Workers Compensation.

Does the contractor have a track record you can check out?

If there is a problem with installation are you confident the contractor will come back to fix it?

McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing has been in business for 45 years with a physical location in Middleville, Ontario. We will continue to be here for you.

Does the contractor have local references?

How did you learn about the contractor?
Has the contractor done work for people you know?

McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing has many area references.

Are you a price shopper … or a VALUE shopper?

This is a tough question, as we are all price conscious. And yes, price is important, but is price alone the MOST important item when choosing a contractor for such a major project? There is a difference between price and value. The cheapest price is rarely the best value for your money. The items mentioned above cost money in overhead to the licensed, insured, reputable contractor with a list of satisfied customers a mile long. However, these very things protect you, the customer, by building value and peace of mind into the price to you for the finished product.

Most importantly, do you trust the contractor to deliver on promises made?

You can trust McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing – hundreds of other satisfied customers do. After all, your home is one of your most valuable assets. We do this work year round and have for 45 years.