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February 2, 2018
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February 2, 2018

At McKay Sheet Metal & Roofing we often get request for Roof Inspections from homeowners looking to buy a house or sell house or a commercial property. I’ts important to keep in mind that all though we provide free estimates, and due to the volume of requests for Real Estate deals we have a small service call starting at $ 295.00 is required to cover our time depending upon the size and complexity of the house to provide a roof inspection. Generally the requests are for steep roofs, roofs with flat sections that a home inspector may not have any experience with and the homeowner needs a professional to investigate.

We also do these for insurance companies more often than not as they require that the roof be in good shape before insuring the home or business.

Our roof inspection will start with a walk around the home or business, a drawing, pictures of any areas of concern, an inspection of the attic if accessible and or an assessment of the roof. Based on our inspection we will produce a report listing conditions we find and some recommendations regarding your roof as well potential life expectancy.

A roof inspection should always be completed by a trained professional familiar with flat roof systems, steel and asphalt shingles.  While it can be tempting to rely on your own expertise to perform a rough visual inspection, a half-hearted check is never sufficient. Your roof endures all kinds of weather and can experience wear and tear that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. A proper check by an experienced roofer like Mckay Sheet Metal & Roofing will include a thorough inspection of both interior and exterior structures. This is not only very difficult to do without proper training and experience, but can also be very dangerous without the use of proper safety equipment.

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