Metal/Steel roofing is one of the most practical roofing materials on the market today

A properly installed metal roof requires little maintenance, is not subject to rot, mould, insect infestation, won’t burn, and will last decades longer than most other roofing alternatives.

Plus, you will never need to dispose of unfriendly shingles into a landfill again.

Metal/Steel Roofing is offered in a wide variety of attractive colors and profiles with long-life coatings with a guarantee on the finish for 40 years. The steel panel can last of course much longer. We still come across old steel roofs that have lasted over 100 years.

Metal/Steel roofing comes in several different profiles and styles. There is

Manufacturers in our area are

There are also many different gauges (thickness of the metal) for different applications which should be discussed with a professional installer as using the correct gauge is important for each type of roof application. The lower the gauge (28 vs 30) the thicker and stronger the material is i.e.: 28 gauge is stronger than 30 gauge.

Metal/Steel panels are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand severe weather. Some of the benefits of Metal/Steel roofing are that your home will increase in value and you may even enjoy better rates on your home insurance. Metal roofing lasts longer, is better for the environment, conserves energy and requires virtually no maintenance. A metal roof is the last roof you will ever buy!