Retrofitting Low sloped Steel Butler Roofs

If you are looking for a longer term solution for your low sloped steel roof we have a great option that can extend your roof 20+ years with warranties up to 20 years. This solution is much less expensive than replacing the existing Steel. Our solution is to have insulation pre-cut that will be installed between the ribs on your steel roof. We then will mechanically fasten insulation over top of this into the perlins. This will allow us to mechanically fasten a TPO environmentally friendly white membrane over the top. We will also roof any curbs or mechanically units or penetrations on your roof as well. This solution has proven to be very effective for building owners and not only extends the life of the roof at an economical cost but will reduce your energy costs due to the extra insulation as well as the reflectivity of the white membrane. Contact McKay Roofing for a consultation on your roof. Pics here